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Do you think your utility bills are higher than they should be? Do you suspect that your home is not as energy efficient as it should be? Do you feel cold or drafty places in your home? Do you feel big temperature differences from room to room?

Would you like to know what changes to make to your home to make it as energy efficient as possible?

We can show you where you are wasting Energy and how to resolve the issues.

Furnace Tips

Running your furnace all winter long can cost a pretty penny! Stop stressing about your electric bill and take a look at these great tips to help you save money all winter long. The team at Wade Heating & Cooling not only provides dependable furnace installation and repair services, we also offer you great advice to help you safe money while it’s cold outside. See how you can make a difference:

Seal Leaks Around Doors and Windows – If you have any leaks around your doors or windows, you are losing heat. Don’t let the cold air sneak its way into your home.

Make Sure Your Vents are Not Blocked – Check the vents around your home to make sure that they are open and clear of debris. If they are blowing properly, the warmth can properly circulate around the home.

Change Your Filters – When was the last time you changed the filters on your furnace? Make sure that all filters have been changed at the beginning of each cold season.

Change the Fan Direction – Did you know that having your fan run in a clockwise direction can push the warm air down into your room? Just switch the direction on your fan and you’ll see the difference.

When you need to save money on furnace repair services, contact the team at Wade and we will come to your location to help you!